RETAIL ~ Marinated Olives ~ Spreads

tiret barnier olives

Olives Jars

This range of marinated olives in Jars, is a wide range with different recipes, all based on traditional and ancestral association of spices, always respecting the balance of flavours.

228 ml

“Tapenades” Jars

This range of Spreads will make a success of your “aperitifs” and culinary preparations. Being in the earth of the Mediterranean region, we bring you traditional flavours of typical products as Tapenade, Green olives spread with fennel, Pistou, chopped olives…

130 ml

Olives Bags

Colourful and innovative, this Grab n’ O range is a classic olive line with a cutting-edge design. You will discover the crisp taste of lightly salted Barnier Olives. This special range will seduce you also by the convenience of its packaging. The first gourmet olives “to go”!

0.125 kg


tiret barnier olives


Our marinated olive range is a specialty with a French touch and an original presentation. Enjoy BARNIER SELECTION OLIVES with cocktails before a fine meal, in salads & as hors d’oeuvres. At the image of the Mediterranean Provence, our Range of FRESH OLIVES in PAILS will perfume your « apéritifs » & culinary preparations.

5 kg – 2,5 Kg


Thanks to the pasteurization, and rigorously preserved from the sunlight, this product have a long shelflife of 3 years. Particularly adapted to Food service distribution, this line of olives is practically packaged in attractive Tins that convey the Provencal Idyll…

2,75 Kg


This range of Pouches, 2 years shelflife is also perfect for Foodservice distribution.

2,50 Kg

Spread Pouches

At the image of the Mediterranean Provence, our Range of SPREADS will perfume your « apéritifs » & culinary preparations.

1 Kg